A motivational speaker with a vibrant personality, Filza started her journey as an entrepreneur at a very young age as CEO of the Multan based clothing brand “Shahs.” Her impeccable outlook towards hardwork is an inspiration to all.

During her tenure with Shahs, she met the craftswomen associated with the brand and found her muse – their passion and commitment – it was their zeal to keep this dying tradition alive that was making all the difference in the world. They inspired her to believe that anything is possible despite obstacles like declining incomes. Filza turned straw into gold: Shahs became a bustling social enterprise geared to empower women of the region working in the handicrafts sector. Nearly a decade later, she has continued working on the revival of this craft especially in Southern Punjab, whilst promoting the regional cottage industry through skills development, better wages and an enabling work environment. She also operates an institute to educate the skilled women of Muzaffarabad. To date more than 10,000 women have benefited from the institute.